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Roadtrip December 2012

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Video Project – Otero Junior College International Relations Organization –

OJC IRO Crew Fall Semester 2012   –  (22:28 minutes)

OJC IRO Crew Project Gangnam – (6:15 minutes)

Producer and Editors: Cullen Johnson (USA) & Tobias Koecher (Germany)
Co-Producer: Alexey Semes (Russia)

Crew Project Gangnam: Cullen Johnson (USA), Imran Karim (Pakistan), Tobias Koecher (Germany), Seungrok Oh (South Korea), Suyoung Park (South Korea), Alexey Semes (Russia), Rochelle Wallace (USA)

Semester Review: Otero Junior College Students, OJC International Relations Organization Members

Names in Alphabetical Order


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